Episode 133 – Secrets of the Soul / Day of the Dead


Something about Dr. Franklin and telepaths.  Also, some of the crew members are visited by the dead.  A living Andy joins us to discuss episode 5×07 – “Secrets of the Soul” and episode 5×08 – “Day of the Dead”.

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Apologies for the poor audio.

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One Response to “Episode 133 – Secrets of the Soul / Day of the Dead”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    Since you indicated that you might discuss In the Kingdom of the Blind early, I thought that I might comment now.

    [Spoilers for In the Kingdom of the Blind, obviously?]

    This may be optimistic of me, but perhaps this will be the episode where you start feeling that Season Five may be getting a little better?

    To begin with, is it fun to see Byron screw up and lose control of the situation? OK, probably not. But it does work for me, because it nicely presents the (well, a) problem with his creepy little cult. Byron claims that it’s all about freedom from Psi Corps and a better way. But the cult, like real cults, has been – up to this episode – the dictatorship of Byron. And I’d argue that Byron’s stupidity in this episode is the result of that – because Byron has been so utterly in control and so utterly sure that he’s right about everything that he doesn’t predict that taking on the alien ambassadors will result in a backlash and doesn’t predict that his followers may not in fact do exactly what he says.

    Then there’s the murky goings-on on Centauri Prime. Hard to discuss without spoilers. But I’ll take a moment to note Distinguished Guest Actor Ian Ogilvy’s excellent turn as Lord Jano.

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