Episode 152 – The Lost Tales


Ten years after the formation of the Interstellar Alliance, Lochley is faced with a demon and Sheridan has to make a hard choice. Join us as we discuss the Babylon 5 collection, “The Lost Tales”.

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One Response to “Episode 152 – The Lost Tales”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Downbelow: A Babylon 5 Introcast]

    I’ll keep this brief, as you will have just sat through my long, long comment about Crusade from three weeks ago.

    But I wanted to say goodbye and thank you for a little over three years of listening.

    I came back to Babylon 5 after many years at the end of 2013. I’d picked up most of the DVDs cheap a few years earlier, but they’d sat on my shelf unwatched. Now, for reasons connected with where I was in my life, it was appealing to revisit a story that I had loved almost ten years earlier. So I set out to rewatch it for the first time in this century.

    And in this century, listening to podcasts has become a natural extension of the viewing experience. I found Downbelow thanks to The Incomparable’s Babylon 5 episode. In it, Erika Ensign, whom I’d been listening to for some time on Verity!, announced that she would be starting what eventually became The Audioguide to Babylon 5. And a little later, I started searching for “Babylon 5 podcast” in the hopes of finding it, and stumbled upon Downbelow instead.

    And Downbelow then became appointment listening for me almost every time it appeared. From now on, the four of you will be inseparable from Babylon 5 in my memory.

    So thank you, Will, Ian, and Elizabeth. And thank you to Heidi, who I hope is listening to or reading this at what I know is a difficult time for her. I’ll continue to listen to Ian regularly on The Web of Queer, and I hope to encounter the voices of the rest of you in connection with different pieces of media at different times in the future.

    Thank you again. And congratulations on three years of wonderful podcasting.

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