Episode 040 – The Long Dark


Dr. Franklin is extra creepy to a patient after a cryogenic research vessel arrives at the station. Lori awakens us in time to discuss episode 2×05 – “The Long Dark”.

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2 Responses to “Episode 040 – The Long Dark”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    More thoughts on The Long Dark. Because it obviously calls for more discussion…

    But in fact this is an idea sparked by something that Elizabeth said about The Long Dark in your episode. She contrasted it with Buffy, where a monster that doesn’t make much sense can still be effective because it’s grounded in a metaphor.

    The sad thing is, I think The Long Dark might actually be trying to do that. The monster is fairly clearly a metaphor for post-traumatic stress disorder. The story doesn’t do a good job of this, because it juxtaposes the Amos plot with the Copernicus plot. The latter has something in common with the former, because they’re both about the past coming back. But the Copernicus plot obviously does not present us with a traumatic and horrific past, so the connection is pretty superficial (while not being strong enough, on the other hand, to present an interesting contrast).

    Leaving that aside, this suggests to me that The Long Dark maybe isn’t just like a season one episode. Maybe it would have been better *as* a season one episode. Because that’s the season that contains Sinclair, who is a damaged war veteran whose story is all about how he relates to his own past.

    As for A Spider in the Web: I doubt it’s one of anyone’s favorite episodes, but it’s perfectly solid B5.

    Plus, we get Stab No. 2 at making Sheridan more complex: he’s a conspiracy theorist! This has the big advantage of not being anything that anyone has ever associated with Captain Kirk. It does, however, have the drawback that the show already has a character whose plot function is to be there to dig into and uncover mysteries: that is, Garibaldi. I personally would have preferred it if Sheridan’s interest in conspiracies had come across as a little unhinged, as it might in the real world. But in the Babylon 5 universe, conspiracies really are everywhere.

    Well, it was the ’90s. The X-Files had been on the air for over a year at this point.

  2. Tori Says:

    The Long Dark is the low point in a string of episodes that are rather uninteresting to me, but now we’re on the up-hill side of this early season meh period. We’re not out of the meh period yet unfortunately, but once we’re past TLD I feel much closer to the other side.

    While an improvement on TLD, Spider in the Web is still firmly in the meh category for me. Maybe it’s the singular plot, maybe it’s the focus on Talia, maybe it’s the absence of the ambassadors, but I just don’t really care about what’s going on here. And I do usually care about the Earth plots, the Psi plots, and Zack, but I don’t care about this episode. It’s not bad exactly, but I’m always ready to be out of the meh phase by this point and sadly this is firmly in it.

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