Episode 042 – Spider in the Web


An old friend of Talia’s visits the station and is killed by a Free Mars member. Edmund electrifies our discussion of episode 2×06 – “Spider in the Web”.

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One Response to “Episode 042 – Spider in the Web”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Soul Mates. Also for The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. This will probably not come up again.]

    Bad news. This is not a wacky romantic comedy about how the crew of Babylon 5 scheme to bring together two Soul Hunters who think that they hate each other but whom everyone else realizes absolutely should be together.

    What it is is an odd but artful juxtaposition of an A-plot and a B-plot that could basically each be mixed-and-matched with other episodes, but which do fit together here by being both centered upon unhappy marriages. Unfortunately, neither story quite works for me.

    There’s something a little off in the presentation of the Stoner character. I think (think) that the idea is supposed to be that, because of his powers, he can go around being intensely dislikable, because when he needs something, his powers ensure that he gets it no matter how he’s behaved. But the result is a character about whom we’re told that he can make people like him, but we don’t really see that person onscreen. Keith Szarabajka does (as one would expect) an excellent job of making Stoner unpleasant, but I’m not entirely sure that it was wise for the story to go there quite this much.

    As for Londo’s wacky divorce hijinks: for me, at any rate, this doesn’t succeed in walking the fine line between Londo being sexist and the humor itself being sexist well enough.

    It does however have one shining plus, in one of my favorite – probably my absolute favorite – guest performances on Babylon 5: Jane Carr as Timov. For more Jane Carr, start with her performance as Mary (the girl whose brother fights in the Spanish Civil War) in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, where she stands out in a film that is notoriously not short on great performances. In Soul Mates, the only problem with Carr is that her Timov is so charismatic and has so much more personality than the other two women that there’s pretty much no possible doubt about whom Londo will end up with. Frankly, I believe in Timov as a romantic partner for Londo far more than I can manage to believe in Adira in S1, and it’s not only because she’s closer to his age.

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