Episode 059 – Divided Loyalties


Lyta Alexander returns to warn of a danger on Babylon 5. Mitch joins us to probe episode 2×19 – “Divided Loyalties”.

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2 Responses to “Episode 059 – Divided Loyalties”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    Talinova, people. Talinova.

    [Spoilers for Knives, Confessions and Lamentations, Divided Loyalties, and The Long, Twilight Struggle]

    Short thoughts on recent episodes:

    Knives: Not the least of the indignities inflicted upon the Narn by the Centauri was the theft of most of their accents. Now the Centauri rejoice in a plethora of different accents, while the Narn all sound basically kind of American.

    Confessions and Lamentations: It’s the episode that Believers wanted to be.

    Divided Loyalties: So that’ll be a bottle of champagne for Will, then.

    And what about The Long, Twilight Struggle. Oh, yes. This is why I have such a fond memory of season two, isn’t it? JMS doesn’t do everything right by any means, but he does an excellent job of flipping your sympathies between Londo and G’Kar over the course of its first two seasons. At the same time, B5 doesn’t convert Londo into the stock villain that G’Kar initially seemed to be: Londo still retains our sympathy – especially in that famous shot of him looking down on the bombardment of Narn in shock at what he’s done.

    This is a place where the replacement of Sinclair with Sheridan does harm the story, though. The one piece of the puzzle that’s missing is to have been able to trace the change in Sinclair from his hostile relations with the Narn in The Gathering and Midnight on the Firing Line to this. Sheridan has never had those bad experiences with G’Kar, which deprives his exchanges with G’Kar in this episode of the power that they would have had with Sinclair in his position.

  2. Tori Says:

    I kind of wanted to see all of your reactions would be to Divided Loyalties before giving mine. It’s an episode where I feel a little cut off from fandom at large as I still don’t connect with the Ivanova/Talia relationship; and I personally feel like they only made out and then cuddled before going to bed. I just don’t feel like they had reached the point in their relationship where they’d be having sex, especially on Ivanova’s side with her personal intimacy issues as well as her attitude towards having any telepath in her mind. I’m not saying they couldn’t have gotten there, but I don’t feel like they had yet.

    Thing is teenage me had no real relationship radar, so when fandom started going on about Ivanova and Talia being together I just went along with them. And I did respect the show for going there, once I understood there was a there for them to go. It’s only really been in recent years – possibly with seeing better done same sex relationship stories that I can now see how little development this one gets – that I rethought this episode and concluded that I didn’t see it that way any more. On the other hand, I think teenage me was almost equally blind to all the Sheridan/Delenn stuff at this stage until I saw it directly commented on, and now I just draw heart all over their scenes.

    As for Long Twilight Struggle, I don’t know that I have any unpopular opinions on this one; and as I’m sure everyone else has already said that it’s really super good, I have little to add.

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