Episode 070 – Commentary for Dust to Dust


Heidi, Elisabeth, and Mallika recorded a commentary for “Dust to Dust”.  Look for our full episode discussion next week.

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One Response to “Episode 070 – Commentary for Dust to Dust”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    Dust to Dust is another episode that’s hard to talk about without spoilers. The G’Kar story is the more interesting of the two plots, but it’s also the one that is left open without a precise conclusion. The viewer doesn’t know exactly what the consequences of G’Kar’s change of heart are for the moment.

    But some thoughts, anyway. This is the first downpayment on the promise of A Day in the Strife: if G’Kar is going to refuse to submit to the Centauri, and in doing so expose other, innocent, Narn to Centauri retaliation, then his life has to have some higher moral purpose. That option one for G’Kar would be to interpret this as imposing a duty on him to kill Londo is inevitable, especially in light of their confrontation in Convictions.

    But two other earlier episodes are also critical to this story: Midnight on the Firing Line, in which G’Kar and the Narn provoke Londo into an attempt to kill G’Kar, and (my favorite!) The Coming of Shadows, in which G’Kar himself almost kills Turhan. In other words, B5 has already been more than clear that the solution that G’Kar is pursuing to his moral problem is the wrong option.

    Which is where the problem with Dust to Dust that you point out in the commentary comes in: G’Kar’s religious “revelation ” that he’s pursuing the wrong course is the product of Kosh manipulating him. One possible way out of this is to focus on an earlier scene that isn’t part of Kosh’s manipulations, but may be equally important: when G’Kar discovers that Londo’s appointment was a joke.

    Is this really something that should come as a surprise to G’Kar? Think back to season one Londo. What it shows, I think, is that Londo has become a monstrous and colossal figure in G’Kar’s mind, utterly dehumanized. (Not actually de*human*ized, but you know what I mean.) The fact that G’Kar can now perceive Londo as laughable and humiliated, even though G’Kar cannot possibly sympathize with that humiliation and can only rejoice in it, is a sign that he’s beginning to reduce Londo, and by extension the Centauri, to more normal dimensions.

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