Episode 072 – Exogenesis


David “Clarence” Corwin gets a promotion and spends time with Ivanova. And something happens with parasites. Mitch joins us to question episode 3×07 – “Exogenesis”.

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One Response to “Episode 072 – Exogenesis”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    Fascinating to hear such high estimations of Exogenesis from most of you. I think that Ian’s view is probably the more common one among B5 fans.

    As for Messages from Earth:-

    It’s hard to communicate just how special the experience of seeing the end of Messages from Earth on first viewing back in the ’90s was for me. One of those moments where one can’t wait for next week to find out what happens.

    I don’t know that it could have had such an impact at another point in American televisual history. Nowadays, this sort of thing is pretty common, where an episode ends in a way that alters the status quo so that you can’t be watching the same show from now on without absolutely ridiculous use of the reset button. Game of Thrones is built around such moments.

    So it’s worth noting all the careful work that JMS put in to building up to this moment, work that might not seem necessary nowadays.

    One, quite a lot of B5 episodes from S1-S2, including relative clunkers like Eyes, serve to establish that B5 doesn’t conveniently forget about things in the manner of some shows and treat them as “not having happened” for narrative purposes.

    On the other hand, there have been several episodes in which things have been resolved quickly and neatly within the narrative, and one can imagine that happening here. But that actually adds to the effect: the viewer doesn’t know whether next episode will see Clark overthrown by the end of the hour, or whether this is a long-term change in the story of the show.

    Secondly, this particular episode is a close mirror of the season opener, Matters of Honor, especially in its elements of dueling with a Shadow vessel and seeking to conceal this from Earth authority. This makes quite a bit of Messages from Earth even feel a little bit routine, seeming to reflect the a situation where this is the new status quo: every week, Sheridan and the rest of our heroes will face another Shadow threat while trying to avoid having Earth know about it.

    Then the show blows that up at the end of the episode.

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