Episode 077 – Severed Dreams


Sheridan makes an important decision after things escalate with President Clark. Mitch aids us in discussing episode 3×10 – “Severed Dreams”.

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One Response to “Episode 077 – Severed Dreams”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    There’s only one Vir fan in all of Krakow? That makes me sad.

    On the slow pace of the Delidan relationship: I think this may partly result from the fact that Sheridan is occupying a role originally meant for Sinclair. The existence of Catherine Sakai would have meant that any relationship between Delenn and Sinclair could not have developed until later on in the series, and was probably always assigned to season three.

    [Spoilers for Ceremonies of Light and Dark?]

    But what about Ceremonies of Light and Dark. For me, this is the conclusion of my favorite sequence of episodes. Everything that’s happened from Messages from Earth on culminates in the moment when our four human heroes come out in their new uniforms.

    But enough gushing! Although I like Ceremonies of Light and Dark (a lot), it still has flaws. To pick one, as effective as the moment when Sheridan and co. come out in their new uniforms is, it follows from something I don’t like. Severed Dreams places a lot of emphasis on the symbolism of the uniform as something that’s a central part of Sheridan’s specific story. When he gives his old uniform up, it marks a moment of personal transformation.

    It would certainly be in character for Ivanova to feel the same way, although it’s not been stated. But at least for Garibaldi and Franklin, I’d like to have seen them each give up something of great value that JMS had as carefully made as individual to them as the secrets that he has each character confess. They could still assume the new uniforms as a gesture of solidarity with Sheridan.

    But S3 is still damn good, all told.

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