Episode 080 – A Late Delivery from Avalon


A man claiming to be King Arthur arrives on the station. Shane joins us to bow to episode 3×13 – “A Late Delivery from Avalon”.

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One Response to “Episode 080 – A Late Delivery from Avalon”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Sic Transit Vir, A Late Delivery from Avalon, and Ship of Tears]

    I’ll try to keep these brief.

    Sic Transit Vir: For an episode that exists because another show didn’t work out for Stephen Furst, this is remarkably good. JMS is good at blending comedy and horror. Compare the Drazi storyline in The Geometry of

    A Late Delivery from Avalon: Like your guest, I like this one. I’m an easy mark for Arthuriana, and unlike S1’s Grail, in this story the Arthurian material is specifically relevant. This Arthur not based in anything very close to the medieval romances, but is rather T. H. White’s Arthur (Wart, Merlin living backwards, the Round Table as aimed at a making a better and more Just world). Like Grail, ALDfA associates Arthurian legend with rebirth and the overcoming of tragic pasts. Plus, in this more arc-heavy portion of S3, a pure standalone is quite refreshing.

    Ship of Tears: And sometimes, JMS gives you horror without the comedy. And the episode would be worth it for Mira Furlan and Andreas Katsulas’s scene alone.

    Incidentally, as much as I’m enjoying your ISN Underground intros, I’d like to hear you voice the full-throated Clark loyalist propaganda of the “real” ISN at some point.

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