Episode 091 – Shadow Dancing


The side of light scores a victory over the Shadows while Franklin meets himself. Jan joins us to dance with episode 3×21 – “Shadow Dancing”.

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One Response to “Episode 091 – Shadow Dancing”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    Since I think you will be recording your end-of-season wrap-up tomorrow: a quick question…

    Since the ambassadors have now seen how Sinclair’s story ended in reality, how do you feel that the events of S3 would have felt if Sinclair had continued as the central character of the show (as was, of course, the original plan)?

    In particular, it’s pretty obvious that Catherine Sakai was originally meant to play the Anna Sheridan role. What would it have been like to see these events play out with a character that we actually knew? Any other speculations on how things would have felt different?

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