Episode 098 – Falling Toward Apotheosis


The Vorlons are on their way to Centauri Prime and the Vorlon is removed from Babylon 5. Jarsto joins us to discuss episode 4×04 – “Falling Toward Apotheosis”.

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2 Responses to “Episode 098 – Falling Toward Apotheosis”

  1. Lyra Says:

    Wow I’m shocked, Summoning to me was meh/okay while you seemed to love it, then this episode to me was pure gold while you had the opposite attitude. Interesting. I am also shocked you found no quotes from Londo’s hilarious pleeding speech to Cartagia, . And alien of the weelk given to brief CGI plash of Kosh, I think Londo last got the award from you in early S1… wow. Anyway, different opinions

  2. Lyra Says:

    And beyond season 5, well the leftover TV films and direct-to-dvds are still there 😉

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