Episode 110 – Moments of Transition


The Minbari civil war ends, among other things.  Jason unites us to discuss episode 4×14 – “Moments of Transition”.

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One Response to “Episode 110 – Moments of Transition”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    So: if I have the schedule correct, the episode you will be talking about this weekend will be Rising Star

    [Spoilers for Rising Star]

    I can’t resist mentioning that this episode is, for me, distinguished by containing the single worst guest performance in all of Babylon 5. It is, I’m afraid, the actor who plays the Russian politician who replaces Clark. Maybe it’s just that she was asked to do the accent, and she is great in other things, but I find her terribly wooden and unconvincing in this.

    Aside from that: I’ve said that I find that the circumstances which led JMS to accelerate the pace in S4 mean that I find this season more like today’s television, and that therefore it might be the season I most enjoy. But Rising Star is where that ceases to work (at least for me). This is horribly hurried – the complicated diplomatic business of setting up the Interstellar Alliance happens far too neatly, all in the name of a happy ending that it turns out that the show didn’t need. Obviously, it’s not JMS’s fault, but it’s a shame nevertheless.

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