Episode 113 – The Face of the Enemy


Garibaldi sets a trap for Sheridan and we learn whatever happened to Mr. Garibaldi. In this episode we discuss episode 4×17 – “The Face of the Enemy”.

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One Response to “Episode 113 – The Face of the Enemy”

  1. Arovah Says:

    RE: The Agamemnon, we never see its captain before now after Sheriden coems to Babylon 5. The only other time we’ve seen it is in the season 3 episode “Messages from Earth” where it is the ship that responds to the Shadow attack on Ganymede and it fires on the White Star, not knowing at the time that it was Sheriden on board and thinking they were the ones who destroyed the research base.

    We hear a voice from the ship, telling the White Star to stand down, but we never see the speaker.

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