Episode 121 – The Deconstruction of Falling Stars


We see some events in the future of the Babylon 5 universe. Brian joins us to discuss episode 4×22 – “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars”.

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2 Responses to “Episode 121 – The Deconstruction of Falling Stars”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    I usually like to make sure I’m all caught up with the podcast before I comment – but let’s face it, that is *not* happening this week…

    [Spoilers for The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari]

    Londo is my favorite B5 character, and this is – obviously – one of the critical episodes in his overall story. So I hope the ambassadors aren’t too hard on it. But I would understand if, seeing as they are these episodes right after finishing S4, they find that the pacing has gotten a little sluggish in comparison.

    This is not the only way in which this episode is damaged by the unfortunate fact that S4 had to be written as if it were the last season, and then S5 happened anyway. One aspect of the acceleration of developments in S4 is that the Londo-G’Kar relationship has to be put on fast-forward – we have to see them become the friends that we know from War Without End. TVLNoLM is pretty obviously a story that was originally intended for earlier in that process and got cut for efficiency, only to be revived for early S5.

    Nevertheless, it’s still a moment that’s part of why Londo Mollari is one of the greatest characters in all of televised SF.

  2. Arovah Says:

    I agree with Ian’s interpretation that the show itself is a “history” rather than “current events.” At the risk of being minorly spoilerly the final episode also goes a bit in that direction, calling it a “Special ISN Documentary” right before the final credits. This also can even be used to help excuse/explain some of the more melodramatic bits, because the show itself is an in universe dramatization of historical events.

    But I always interpreted the destruction Sol, and therefore of Earth, as something the humans of the future perpetuated themselves, rather than through the actions of a malevolent force. There is a mention of celebrations, making this sound like a happy event, moving into the Vorlon homeworld and destroying our own to keep it and the technology it no doubt contains out of the hands of the younger races who are not ready for it.

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