Episode 124 – In the Beginning


We are told the story of the Earth-Minbari War. Shane¬†joins us to discuss the Babylon 5 movie,¬†“In the Beginning”.

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One Response to “Episode 124 – In the Beginning”

  1. Andy Luke Says:

    A bit of a stitched together ret-con with an anthology feel that for me stands as one of the better B5 films, the other being Call To Arms. I first saw it by rental, with a non-B5 fan who was non-plussed, I think because he was expecting a more traditional big feature SF. This doesn’t compromise to that audience, culminating in the two cliffhangers around Sinclair and Londo, neither of whom get a lot of airtime. Perhaps it only does work as a companion piece to the series in which context it’s a great bonus.

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