Episode 022 – TKO


There’s a fight and a religious ritual. Jan joins us to discuss episode 1×14 – “TKO”.

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One Response to “Episode 022 – TKO”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Grail]

    I’m very curious to hear what you think of this one. It’s another one that I’m afraid doesn’t bring much progress on the big arc-related questions that you’ve expressed curiosity about. But it does have some pluses:

    1) That’s David Warner and William Sanderson in the same episode. I guess this is where the guest cast budget went for the season. Worth it.

    2) Thematically, it all hangs together nicely around variations on the relationship between hidden knowledge and the loss/transformation of identity. Gajic and Jinxo/Thomas are reborn into new identities by their search for a secret object, and this allows them to escape their past and its memories (especially Jinxo, who is almost literally trapped on the station by his past).

    Meanwhile, the other strand plays out the consequences of the secrecy surrounding the Vorlons – this enables Deuce in turn to create another secret object (the feeder), which Sinclair has to seek out. And Deuce’s scheme involves the forcible destruction of identity and memory, the flip side of Gajic and Jinxo.

    Extortion/crime drama and mysticism are not the most obvious two things to pair, but this story does a good job of making it all seem like a natural fit. Plus, as Delenn points out, it also parallels Sinclair’s own search, for the truth of what happened to him at the Battle of the Line and what it means, so it relates to some of the overall themes of the series so far.

    3) I’m a bit of an easy mark for anything Arthurian. The use of the Grail here is pretty general, but there’s good stuff nevertheless. Jinxo’s transformation perhaps can be compared to Lancelot’s (temporary) repentance of his sin as a consequence of searching for the Grail and (partly) failing.

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