Episode 023 – Grail


There’s a Seeker searching for the Holy Grail while there are some mysterious attacks occurring on the station. Jan joins us to seek the meaning behind episode 1×15 – “Grail”.

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2 Responses to “Episode 023 – Grail”

  1. Shawn Says:


    I am listening to the podcast, and I am confused by some comments from the ambassadors. I admire the command staff not giving spoilers as I don’t think I could do as well as a job. I will try to stay spoiler free in these comments. What “Return Tickets” are they talking about? Who issues these tickets? There are dozens of alien ships from hundreds of worlds coming and going. Commerce/Trade/Relay Point/etc. These ships are coming and going from all over the universe. No one buys “tickets” to come to B5. Are they suggesting that B5 issue “tickets” throughout the universe to all these races and that without a ticket they cannot come aboard? And that they also have to have money for a “leaving ticket”? Where would this leaving ticket go? Does it ever expire? While funny, a “ticket” system doesn’t seem feasible to me. All B5 staff can do is have them state their business and show ID for their records/tracking.

    On a side note, I have to cringe when the “experts”/command staff give inaccurate info, but I understand not everyone has watched the show as much as I have or read all the script books, etc. All in all, they do a much better job NOT saying certain things that I would probably “hint” at in a spoilery manner. I commend them for how well they stay silent during certain speculating conversations.

    I recently started watching the series again and watched the first season over a weekend and starting looking for a new podcast to listen to. This is my intro to an introcast and I love this format. Such a brilliant idea. I have paused watching and will wait until you catch up before I begin season 2. Now that everyone has strapped themselves in with the bumpy season 1, I am looking forward when things start to pick up in season 2. Watching only one episode a week is going to be tough, but your show has me craving to “share” the show by watching along.

    Last thought: I think the insights offered are amazing. I also think they are “spoiled” knowing what this series brought to the forefront with story arcs that persist each episode. When I originally watched this, it was so rare, that just seeing people/situations change (staying spoiler free here) over time was such a shock.


  2. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Eyes]

    Re: one-off episodes. Actually, I personally do feel that the slow pacing of the revelation of the overall arc in the first season is a flaw in B5, even when the one-off stories are good ones. It’s a consequence of when the show was made, and probably a necessity for it to get made at all, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a problem when one watches it twenty years later. When you get down to it, first-season B5 isn’t much different from TNG: the station and its cast of characters make up the setting for stories, rather than the show telling us the story of the station and its cast of characters.

    Which brings me to Eyes. This is the 16th episode, so we’re almost three-quarters of the way through the series. This is about where you might want the series to ramp up the pace. Although the plot of Eyes grows out of earlier episodes, it doesn’t actually add anything new to them, and it resolves everything neatly at the end. Ivanova practically says “It’s good to have the reset button pressed.”

    What’s revealing about how different 1994 was, though, is that if you look at JMS’s comments at the time, preserved for the ages at the Lurker’s Guide, JMS saw this episode as proving that this was a show that wasn’t just episodic, solely on the basis of the fact that Sinclair’s actions in earlier episodes were having consequences here.

    However, Eyes doesn’t only show the consequences of earlier stories. It also retells earlier stories. “You liked And the Sky Full of Stars? You liked Survivors? Two great tastes that go well together.” More than a little forgettable, alas. The epitome of 5/10.

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