Episode 025 – Legacies


We’re early this week!

A body goes missing and a girl discovers a new ability. Jan and Mallika join us to pay tribute to episode 1×17 – “Legacies”.

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3 Responses to “Episode 025 – Legacies”

  1. Judgemental B5 Expert Says:

    Please dear God, do a commentary for the final ep of the season.

  2. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Legacies and a ridiculously trivial aspect of A Voice in the Wilderness part one]

    So, AVitW pt 1. Not much point in saying much about this minus part 2, and I don’t trust myself to remember accurately what’s in part 1 as distinct from part 2. So I will indulge the single most nitpicky objection that I have to anything in B5. I hate (hate, hate) that Draal has a beard. OK, so you can’t make alien races really alien on TV, due to the annoying lack of alien actors to play them. But hairlessness – that you can do.

    Back to Legacies, and your interesting “treatment of telepaths” debate. On paper, I don’t think requiring Psi Corps membership looks that burdensome.

    Members have a variety of careers open to them, if not the military. The main requirement (on paper) seems to be that telepaths are expected to dress distinctively. (At any rate, Talia seems never to be in public without her badge and gloves.) That’s not insane. Non-telepaths arguably should have a right to know if they’re in the presence of someone who can read their mind.

    Also, and this is a big (and perhaps implausible) concession, telepaths police their own without the involvement of non-telepaths. So if you do make a mistake, your case will be investigated by someone in a position to understand.

    What’s the problem, assuming that you don’t know about the secret experiments to create super-assassins? (Well, there’s the sinister name and the fact that they dress their Psi Cops like Nazis. For people who really do know how other people think, they’re terrible at PR.)

  3. Voord 99 Says:

    Judgmental B5 Expert: I’m not sure if I’d want God to do a commentary, but if you’re saying that you’d want Heidi and Elizabeth to do one, I’ll second that proposal.

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