Episode 026 – A Voice in the Wilderness (Part I)


You’ve got missiles and laser beams and a revolt on Mars. Lori comes to help us with Episode 1×18 – “A Voice in the Wilderness (Part I)”.

Sorry for the sometimes less than stellar audio. The worst was edited out and it does get worked out by the end.

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One Response to “Episode 026 – A Voice in the Wilderness (Part I)”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    I have to thank Ian for the suggestion about Draal’s beard. Next time I watch A Voice in the Wilderness, I shall make sure to imagine that, although it may look like hair, it’s actually composed of tiny but devilishly strong tentacles, which (although Draal is too considerate of other being’s feelings to do this in front of them) are capable of independent movement and evolved so that Minbari could grip their food while eating. This will make AVitW much more interesting.

    That’s not to say that I find AVitW boring. But I don’t feel that it really feels weighty enough to earn being a two-parter (or the sense of occasion implied by the biblical reference in the title). I tend to feel that this could probably have been compressed into one episode, even if this might have involved displacing some of the Mars material into another story.

    It does however have one of my favorite lines from the show, one which I have adapted for daily life on many occasions: “Landing thrusters, landing thrusters. Hmm. Now if I were a landing thruster, which one of these would I be?” I hope this is someone’s quote of the week…

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