Episode 030 – The Quality of Mercy


While Londo shows Lennier the innards of Babylon 5, a murderer is convicted and sentenced for his crimes. Jason helps us do justice to episode 1×21 – “The Quality of Mercy”.

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One Response to “Episode 030 – The Quality of Mercy”

  1. Tori Says:

    Much as I’ve been enjoying the podcast, I *really* want you to get to season 2. I’ve been rather hesitant to feedback much because I find myself wanting to jump in and correct things, but I think it’ll be a little easier with season 2. In part because it’s when I started watching the show so I’ll be more able to relate to the newbies even if it was nearly 20 years ago now; and in part because the show gets quite a bit better (and becomes the show I know best) that I’ll probably feel less need to contextualize things or point out the subtle bits of set up because we should all be able to enjoy the whole picture better.

    Buckle up kids, it’s about to kick off.

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