Episode 035 – Points of Departure



A new commander takes over Babylon 5 and is immediately presented with his first crisis. Mike helps us acclimate to episode 2×01 – “Points of Departure”.

NOTE: I know that my voice cuts out occasionally, but I think you can still easily follow the conversation. I think I know what’s causing it and will hopefully be able to prevent it in the future. – Will

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3 Responses to “Episode 035 – Points of Departure”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    Downbelow drinking game: take a drink when someone says Sheridan when they mean Sinclair, or vice versa. But whose alcohol tolerance is that high?

    Regarding the rather recap-y bits of Points of Departure: this is another thing which reveals that the 90s were a strange far-off land, inhabited by people who do not think the way that we do. It wasn’t just the banded collars and goatees.

    Say you started watching a show in its second season. No DVD boxsets or iTunes season passes to enable you to binge-watch season one. VHS tapes were pricy and could only hold a fraction of a season each – only for the real obsessives. There existed (just about) the first websites which you could use to catch up, but most people weren’t online, and in any case there hadn’t been time for any of that to filter back into how TV was made.

    On the other hand, syndication was vital to the economics of American TV production. The people making a show could set their sights on a future in which their series would be in indefinite rotation, there to be discovered by new viewers over and over again, who might tune in for the first time at any point in the series’s run.

  2. Judgemental B5 Expert Says:

    You goofballs didn’t tell the newbies the overall title of Season 2.

  3. Judgemental B5 Expert Says:

    Blah…never mind.

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