Episode 034 – Commentary for Points of Departure


Heidi, Elisabeth, and Mallika recorded a commentary for “Points of Departure”. Look for our full episode discussion in about 2 weeks.

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One Response to “Episode 034 – Commentary for Points of Departure”

  1. Tori Says:

    So now that the ambassadors will understand, we can all laugh together about the times during the season 1 podcats Sinclair was referred to as “Sheridan.”

    But more importantly we can all talk about Warren Keffer, the greatest character ever…no can’t keep a straight face writing that. Stupid Keffer. (Only now does it occur to me that, not watching the credits, I hope the ambassadors were told who Keffer was.)

    Now that we’re into season 2, I can start to recall some things about how I got into the show. I wouldn’t start watching the show until later in the season, but my mom had been watching season1, and I seem to remember her saying that she did stop for a while when the cast suddenly changed with the new season. Of course, I don’t know what my 11 year old self would have felt if I had been watching season 1 with her instead of coming in later. But, given my tween/teenaged reaction to cast changes on this and other shows, I have to say I probably wouldn’t have taken it very well, especially if I’d grown attached to Sinclair. So yeah, the ambassadors freaking out over it is not unexpected; if the opposite reaction to what I personally have now as a Sheridan fan.

    In some ways this episode is kind of weird, but I think it works. I actually like that it gives most of the cliffhangers from Chrysalis time to sit, as they have to for the character on the station. G’Kar is off somewhere doing investigations, Delenn’s in a mysterious cocoon, Garibaldi’s been shot, Earth is dealing with the presidential assassination, Londo is probably somewhere contemplating his deal with the devil. We have to live with all these things for a week just like the characters do. But during this seeming lull, things are still changing for the crew and viewer having to accept a new captain. I don’t think one is quite supposed to know how to take Sheridan in this first outing; in this confused lull after Chrysalis, the B5 universe has just become a darker and more uncertain place, and here’s this new guy that you don’t know.

    But given time, I hope you’ll see why for so many of us, when we think “B5-commander,” we think John Sheridan.

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