Episode 033 – Season 1 Wrap Up


We take a look back at Season 1 and look ahead to Season 2.

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One Response to “Episode 033 – Season 1 Wrap Up”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    Re: the episode. Appreciating just how bad Believers is a positive. The truth is always good, even when it hurts.

    [Spoilers for Points of Departure.]

    The addition of Sheridan is obviously the big development here. I assume that the command staff will fill the ambassadors in on what we now know to be the off-screen backstory. It’s hard to say much about the episode without drifting into spoilers, because so much of the interest of Points of Departure lies in how the introduction of Sheridan forces the story to develop going forward. But I’ll be curious to track the ambassadors’ reactions.

    One trivial observation: the final scene with the empty C-in-C is important for how it slightly deflates Sheridan’s character. Points of Departure has to sell you on “Sheridan is wonderful and ultra-capable,” and it does a good job of that. The downside is that Sheridan comes across as irritatingly perfect in contrast to Sinclair (who’s a good bit more complex and troubled, and seems like he might actually have made a mistake at some point in his life). The final scene counters that, not only by sending Sheridan’s hero persona up a little, but also in Boxleitner’s performance: he communicates it nicely that Sheridan knows he’s being a little ridiculous, and doesn’t mind.

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