Avoiding Season 2 DVD Set Spoilers

Many Babylon 5 DVD viewers have discovered that the DVD sets are made more for people who have already seen the show before rather than first-time viewers. There are spoilers in the commentaries, on the DVD cases, on the discs themselves, and even in the DVD menus. Here are some tips to avoid spoilers for the first 2 episodes of Season 2.

Note: If you’re streaming the episode, skip to #5

Update: The UK DVD don’t have the spoilers in the credits, but it does have the spoilers on the case and in the DVD menu.

  1. Try to avoid looking at the DVD cover. Don’t look at the DVD either.season2_cover
  2. Pop the DVD in. It takes a few seconds to get to the main menu. Ignore the right part of the screen and select “Episodes”.s2_main_menu
  3. Episode selections. Try to ignore the thumbnails and future episode titles.  Pick the episode you want to watch.s2_disc_1_episode_menu
  4. Ignore the thumbnails and select “Start” at the bottom of the screen.s2_ep1_chapter_menu
  5. It’s safe to watch the opening credits up the point where he says “the name of the place is Babylon 5” and Babylon 5 appears on the screen. After that look away and listen the cool music.  You should be able to tell when the credits end.  The original broadcast and some versions of the DVDs don’t have this spoiler in the credits. I think Warner Bros decided to save themselves some hassle by using the same credits for each episode.s2_credits_stopping_point
  6. After the opening credits end, you should be fine.

I hope this helps. After episode 2, you should be safe.

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2 Responses to “Avoiding Season 2 DVD Set Spoilers”

  1. Ian Says:

    the DVD box set & menu problems are present in the UK but not the opening credits.

  2. Grey Says:

    LOL! This was both helpful and very funny! 😀
    Oh, to be a fly on the wall as people attempt to do this. Heeheee.

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