Episode 037 – Revelations


G’Kar warned of a darkness and Delenn came out of a dark cocoon. Aleyn joins us as we reveal episode 2×02 – “Revelations”.

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One Response to “Episode 037 – Revelations”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for The Geometry of Shadows]

    Am I the only person who thinks that Technomages as an idea are dumb and hokey?

    Aside from that, this is fun. Londo makes even the daft Technomage stuff watchable. I will admit that the “great hand reaching out of the stars” speech is memorable. I just wish that Michael Ansara had been playing a different character when he delivered it.

    As for the Drazi-and-Ivanova plotline – although the story presents that as the silly fluff part of the episode and lards the Technomage plot with capital-S Significance, I think it’s the Drazi story which actually gives us something worthwhile and relates to Babylon 5’s overall themes of war and conflict. And not just “Look how meaningless war is!” Their civil war in miniature actually is meaningful for the Drazi; it’s just that they cannot communicate that meaning to anyone else. There’s horror among all the comedy in how quickly the Drazi try to elicit outside support for eliminationist violence.

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