Episode 038 – The Geometry of Shadows


Technomages visit the station while Ivanova handles a diplomatic crisis. Jan helps shape our discussion of episode 2×03 – “The Geometry of Shadows”.

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One Response to “Episode 038 – The Geometry of Shadows”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    There’s going to be an Introcast War? Oh no!

    [Spoilers for A Distant Star]

    ADS is of one the more throwaway episodes in S2, unfortunately. It’s pretty much all about Keffer’s ominous encounter with the mysterious “Spider” vessel, but there’s an episode first before one gets there. That episode does some decent world-building by clarifying how hyperspace works, but that’s about it. The solution to the problem of how to rescue the Cortez is sensible, but achieves its sensibleness by being really obvious and boring.

    So a side note: at least for me, one of the things that S2 struggles a little with at times is making Sheridan interesting. I think that what may have happened was that putting him in the Sinclair role had to be done at top speed in order to keep plot developments on schedule. As a result, Sheridan is pretty much your standard-issue Heroic Space Captain, without a lot of there there.

    This episode sees one of the less successful attempts to add some complexity to that, by gesturing at the notion that he’s not suited for a “desk job.” Two problems. One, this is another Heroic Space Captain cliché (see Kirk, James T.) Two, Sheridan is consistently pretty damn good at being commander of B5, so there’s not a lot of evidence of a rocky transition here.

    Also, the spoilerambunctious Lurker’s Guide preserves a horrifically ham-handed attempt by JMS to defend the offensive name of the Cortez, which is darkly amusing in its sheer speciousness.

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