Episode 045 – Commentary for The Coming of Shadows


Heidi, Elisabeth, and Mallika recorded a commentary for “The Coming of Shadows”.  Look for our full discussion next week.

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2 Responses to “Episode 045 – Commentary for The Coming of Shadows”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers, or rather unabashed gushing, for The Coming of Shadows]

    There are probably people who don’t like The Coming of Shadows. Stay away from them. They may appear human, but look into their eyes – they’re dead inside.

    A bit strong? OK, what I would say is that, if you don’t like The Coming of Shadows, Babylon 5 probably isn’t for you. As Ian said, Chrysalis is when Babylon 5 starts to feel like Babylon 5. Which is to say, it starts to feel like this: space opera that’s really operatic, with over-the-top moments of drama in which characters make pivotal choices, a better future for everyone is made or cruelly snatched away, and the status quo has changed radically permanently by the time our 42 minutes of television are over. Sometimes the choices are wrong and the consequences are disastrous, but the characters do what they do for reasons that you can’t help but understand. If you were Londo, you’d probably do exactly what he does.

    The Coming of Shadows isn’t necessarily the best episode of Babylon 5, but it’s the one that’s most important to me personally. I started in S2. Up to this point, all I thought the show was, was an adequate but disposable SF procedural which was distinguished mostly by having an awful lot of people in the credits at the beginning. I can still remember my reaction when I saw The Coming of Shadows all those years ago: “Wow. This show is *good*.” I never missed another episode.

  2. Tori Says:

    So a quick catch-up on the last few episodes.

    Re. A Race Through Dark Places
    This was actually the first episode of B5 I ever saw so many years ago. Oh 11 year old me had no idea what started that day when I stuck around for evil-Chekhov and the prospect of staying up past my bedtime. Weirdly, I can remember how several things from that first viewing stuck with me over the years (mostly from the Sheridan and Ivanova plot actually), but I don’t actually remember what it was that had me coming back for more the next week. Also, I for one stand behind Sheridan’s dumb jokes, but then I’ve always had a soft spot for bad or corny ones.

    Re. Airing Order
    I’m a little iffy on which order makes more sense for Soul Mates vs. Race Through Dark Places. The Delenn related subplots make more sense with Soul Mates first, and for Londo I like having the gap between Soul Mates and Coming of Shadows; but the Talia stuff does make more sense with Race first so…I’ve never had a good answer.

    Re. Coming of Shadows
    I can’t seem to find anything to say about this episode as I expect you’ve already had quite a discussion of it by this point, as there is a lot to discuss here. My thoughts basically boil down to ‘Oh, Londo,’ ‘Good for Sinclair keeping busy on Minbar,’ and a general ‘sweet Minbari Jebus, that’s a damned good episode.’ As I expect these points have been covered, I have little to add.

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