Episode 046 – The Coming of Shadows


The Centauri Emperor and a mysterious stranger visit the station. Londo does something drastic to gain power. An old friend makes an appearance. Guest host Lori pays us a visit to discuss episode 2×09 – “The Coming of Shadows”.

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One Response to “Episode 046 – The Coming of Shadows”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for GROPOS]

    The obvious question here is: do Heidi and Elizabeth feel better about Dr. Franklin’s many lapses in professional (and other) ethics now that they know that it’s all tied to his crippling daddy issues?

    On GROPOS itself:- This episode is fashioned out of pure cliché, and yet I like it. I think it’s because now that B5 has actually embarked on telling a story about war (even though Earth isn’t directly involved in the war), it’s a great moment to tell little stories about how wartime brings people together for short periods of time and then separates them again. For all that it’s what the station is supposedly for, there have been remarkably few stories so far about people meeting for the first time, especially as compared to people from a character’s past turning up all of a sudden.

    Of course, Franklin’s story doesn’t fit the pattern of the other two. That may contribute to why it’s the weakest of the three subplots (at least for me), even though it’s clearly meant to be the “A” plot. (It’s also *really* clichéd. Good performance from the actor playing Franklin père, though.)

    But the other two stories are decent pieces of work, and the fact that they’re low-key and small-scale makes them work as studies in how the machinery of huge events catches ordinary individuals up and, as it turns out, kills them. Keffer’s story is particularly nice in that it finally gives a little attention to a neglected character.

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