Episode 048 – All Alone in the Night


Sheridan is kidnapped while Delenn is summoned before the Grey Council. Nuchtchas joins us so we won’t be alone in our discussion of episode 2×11 – “All Alone in the Night”.

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3 Responses to “Episode 048 – All Alone in the Night”

  1. Lynnette McFadzen Says:

    Thanks for the mention Nutty! We love you too! Here are links to the episodes you mentioned.

  2. Voord 99 Says:

    My comments have been getting rather ridiculously long, so I’ll try to keep this one snappy.

    Acts of Sacrifice is one of those instances of A- and B-plot storytelling that comes up from time to time, in which one of the plots is much, much better than the other.

    The G’Kar-and-Londo thread here is good stuff (as usual with anything that gives Katsulas and Jurasik – here, especially Jurasik – decent material to work with).

    But the Ivanova thread is perhaps the most cringeworthy thing ever committed to the screen in the name of Babylon 5. There’s the germ of something that might have risen to the level of O.K. in the notion of Social-Darwinist aliens being positively impressed by how badly humans treat one another – but any interest it might have had is overwhelmed by the leaden heavy-handedness of JMS’s treatment.

    And as for the quote comedy unquote aspect of the Ivanova story – no. Just no.

  3. Nuchtchas Guests on the DownBelow Podcast, again!NIMLAS Studios Says:

    […] Episode 048 – All Alone in the Night […]

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