Episode 050 – Hunter, Prey


It’s Episode 50!

A fugitive is hunted on Babylon 5 and Sheridan wants to get to know Kosh better.  Mallika joins us Downtown to discuss episode 2×13 – “Hunter, Prey”.

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One Response to “Episode 050 – Hunter, Prey”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for There All the Honor Lies]

    Hey, there’s Keffer! He doesn’t actually do anything, but at least he’s onscreen.

    In my own rewatch of Babylon 5, I had a mad impulse and decided to read the novels alongside the series. I’m a bit behind on the novels, because the early ones have tended not to be to my tastes, although I’m informed that the later ones are better.

    But one thing that was a little interesting about the first few novels is that, although set in season 2, it’s very obvious that the writers base their idea of the series on season 1 and use stories from season 1 as their points of departure for their own plots. (The command staff may be cheered to know that there’s at least one point where Sheridan is called Sinclair and it was never caught in editing.)

    Mostly, JMS’s closer involvement with the actual show means that season 2 episodes by other writers still feel like season 2. But There All the Honour Lies is maybe a bit of an exception. It feels at least a little like a season 1 episode: we have the commander accused of murder, we have the Earth-Minbari War as critical background, we have the plot turn on the quirks of Minbari culture, and we have hedonistic comic relief Centauri.

    More than that, the resolution is based on referring back to a season 1 episode. But congratulations to Peter David for deciding that the thing to do with the wacky Lennier-and-Londo hijinks, Centauri appendage and all, from The Quality of Mercy was to make it the key to a murder mystery.

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