Episode 064 – Season 2 Wrap Up


We take a look back at Season 2 and look ahead to Season 3.

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One Response to “Episode 064 – Season 2 Wrap Up”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    I’m assuming that’s “Reece” as in The Terminator…

    [Spoilers for Matters of Honor, but mostly the credits for season three.]

    One last little piece of praise for season two, that I wanted to hold off until it wouldn’t be a spoiler that the credits change for seas]on three.

    I recall that the ambassadors weren’t keen on the change of the credits from season one to season two. Perhaps they will prefer season three’s credits. As for me, I adore season two’s credits, cheesy “5” wipe and all. (It’s dynamic! Matches the jaunty, exciting version of the theme tune.) As for season three, the credits and new, sombre arrangement of the theme are a little too interested in assuring me that this is All Very Serious and Not Silly At All.

    But on to Matters of Honor. It’s interesting to note how little interested JMS is in providing an introduction to new viewers who might tune in to check out the show for its new season. This episode is all about establishing new elements (the White Star and Marcus, basically) for the benefit of people who were there for S2 and also establishing a tone for the new season.

    One thing of note, for me, is Tucker Smallwood’s performance in the thankless role of the special agent, Endawi, whom the crew of B5 conceal things from (a role that’s almost exactly parallel to that of the agent in Hunter, Prey). Smallwood does a good job of making Endawi seem intelligent, good at his job, and reasonable, despite the plot not actually giving him any way to display such qualities.

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