Episode 065 – Matters of Honor


Earth sends someone to Babylon 5 to investigate those spider ships, Ranger Marcus delivers a nice present to Sheridan, Morden splits the galaxy with Londo, and something is going on back on Earth. Michael joins us to investigate episode 3×01 – “Matters of Honor”.

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One Response to “Episode 065 – Matters of Honor”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Convictions]

    Is there any episode of Babylon 5 that combines such a forgettable main plot with such memorable scenes happening in the margins? The mad bomber is really just there to fill an episode of television, but the other stuff is among the most effective moments of anything in B5.

    In most episodes, the Londo-and-Lennier material would be the highlight. But in this one, it’s outshined by *that* scene. Obviously, there has been no shortage of episodes in which both Londo and G’Kar feature heavily, and we’re used by this point to Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas giving (along with Mira Furlan) the most powerful performances in the show. But we haven’t actually seen them share many scenes, and there has almost always been at least one other character present. JMS showed a lot of (well-judged) restraint in holding this scene back until now, when we’re almost halfway through the story.

    Also, the lightbulb joke is actually funny.

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