Episode 066 – Convictions


A bomber is terrorizing Babylon 5. Nutty joins us to search for answers in episode 3×02 – “Convictions”.

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2 Responses to “Episode 066 – Convictions”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    Ian allowed the topic of aliens called “Centauri” on Doctor Who to come up and didn’t let the others know about Alpha Centauri? Also, I’m pretty sure that Bashir is meant to be an Englishman with Arab ancestry.

    What show are we supposed to be taking about again?

    [Spoilers for A Day in the Strife]

    A Day in the Strife: The side plot with G’Kar is good stuff, but a lot of its interest turns on the moral questions it raises about the consequences of G’Kar’s decision for the future. Therefore, hard to talk about without spoilers.

    As far as the main plot goes – well, it’s “B5 does Star Trek” for the first time in S3. Best to get it out of the way early, I suppose. I always feel that this “unknown alien object” plot seems more organic with a spaceship that’s exploring than it does with a stationary diplomatic station, which – one would assume – is located in a well-travelled, well-explored part of space, surrounded by various civilizations. Why hasn’t this probe encountered someone else by now and blown itself up?

    But it’s certainly more interesting than the previous week’s mad bomber. About which, I liked Elizabeth’s suggestion that the thing to have done would be to have fit the bombings into the show’s overall story about the growth of authoritarianism by having them be used as a pretext for increased surveillance of the population in general. It would have been a good place to use the whole Nightwatch thing that the show established at the end of the last season. Elizabeth’s idea would have given Sheridan an interesting decision to make. This is in fact what A Day in the Strife does and Convictions just doesn’t.

  2. Nuchtchas joins DownBelow to review Convictions - NIMLAS StudiosNIMLAS Studios Says:

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