Episode 067 – A Day in the Strife


There’s a threat to the station while a new Narn ambassador arrives to take G’Kar’s place. And Dr. Franklin’s on stims. Jan joins us to probe episode 3×03 – “A Day in the Strife”.

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One Response to “Episode 067 – A Day in the Strife”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Passing Through Gethsemane]

    This week, we have a Very Special Episode of Babylon 5. And damn it – it *is* very special.

    Passing Through Gethsemane may be the single best standalone episode in all five years of Babylon 5 – at least for me. And yet it does something that usually annoys viewers of standalone episodes in long running series. It sidelines the regular characters in favor of a new character whom we’ve never met before (and, for an added bonus, is beloved by the regular characters even though we’ve never seen him onscreen before this).

    Of course, it helps if you have Brad Dourif to play Brother Edward. It also helps that Edward’s story is so interesting. Passing Through Gethsemane is genuinely interesting as science-fiction, as a moral exploration of the human effects of an imagined technological innovation.

    It’s not interesting as plot, seeing as it’s entirely predictable how this has to play out once the premise of the story becomes clear. In fact, it’s pretty much tragic inevitability all the way. It’s Oedipus the King, in fact: a person finds out that they are not who they think they are. Which is to say, predictability is not a problem here.

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