Episode 083 – Ship of Tears


Bester returns to the station and he needs help. Jan joins us to pinpoint episode 3×14 – “Ship of Tears”.

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One Response to “Episode 083 – Ship of Tears”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Interludes and Examinations]

    I’ll be curious to see what the ambassadors make of Kosh’s death, as they’ve occasionally expressed a certain sense of irritation with Kosh. JMS says in the spoilertistical Lurker’s Guide that he always intended to remove Kosh, as Sheridan’s mentor-figure, from the story to ramp up Sheridan’s vulnerability, but that he originally intended this happen somewhat later. But the thing is, Kosh’s “mentoring” to “being cryptic” ratio hasn’t actually been that impressive yet, and I wonder if accelerating his departure played a role in that.

    Similarly, I think that the death of Adira might have more impact if we’d seen her since Born to the Purple. OK – maybe if we’d seen her since Born to the Purple *and* she was a more impressive personality. Actually, maybe if she’d been Timov.

    So that’s two key deaths that maybe don’t have the impact that they deserve. Still, any episode that gives Peter Jurasik good stuff to do must be a good episode. And think of all the patients who are now safe from Dr. Franklin’s questionable professional ethics.

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