Episode 088 – Walkabout


Lyta helps the good guys get a victory against the Shadows, a new Vorlon ambassador arrives, and Franklin goes for a long walk.  Jason joins us to look for episode 3×18 – “Walkabout”.

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  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Grey 17 is Missing.]

    One of the things that makes Babylon 5 interesting in the history of modern television is the way in which JMS interacted online with fans of the show while it was airing. At the time, that sort of thing was very new, and while one might think that it’s become normal since then, the way in which JMS interacted online with his fans was less guarded and careful than what’s normal nowadays. I think that it was something that could only exist in exactly that form at that moment.

    I have a theory that one effect of that is that where JMS at the time expressed dissatisfaction with an episode of B5, it had an outsized effect on subsequent reception of that episode. Grey 17 is Missing is a case in point: from what I can tell, it seems to attract quite a lot of criticism, and I have to wonder how much of that is because JMS at the time (in comments preserved for the ages at the spoileralidocious Lurker’s Guide) said that he wasn’t happy with it.

    Because while G17iM is no Passing Through Gethsemane, it’s fine. It would be a good standalone episode by the standards of seasons 1 and 2. The monster plot is throwaway, obviously, and (if you care about that sort of thing), the monster itself is not well realized, but the conceit of the missing level is fun, and every SF show has to do Aliens at some point.

    And the Neroon, Delenn, and Marcus story is good stuff, and something that I remember adoring at the time, because (not having seen S1) I had my first extensive look at Neroon, and John Vickery’s performance instantly catapulted him into the ranks of one of my favorite characters.

    Neroon is the Alien of the Week. If available, Neroon is always the Alien of the Week.

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