Episode 126 – No Compromises


Babylon 5 gets a new commander and Sheridan is sworn in as President of the Interstellar Alliance. Jan joins us to take command of episode 5×01 – “No Compromises”.

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One Response to “Episode 126 – No Compromises”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for The Paragon of Animals]

    As I think Heidi and Elizabeth may have detected, Byron and his followers are not JMS’s most beloved creations among Babylon 5 fans at large. The first time I saw S5, I basically agreed with that.

    However, when I rewatched S5 last year, I found that I now quite liked the telepath plotline. Part of it is that I’d encountered in the interim the story that JMS was modeling all this on his own involvement in a cult earlier in life. Once I started to think of Byron as meant to come across as creepy and dangerous, especially in his interactions with Lyta, the story became a lot more palatable. As such, it’s actually a nice subversion of the heroic resistance to Psi Corps that the show has led us to expect.

    The hair is still [expletive deleted] ridiculous, though.

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