Episode 136 – The Ragged Edge


It’s a bottle episode in that Garibaldi is in a bottle and he botches a mission to get more information about attacks on alliance ships. Also, G’Kar because a religious figure in a short period of time. Lori joins us as we climb out of episode 5×12 – “The Ragged Edge”.

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One Response to “Episode 136 – The Ragged Edge”

  1. Voord 99 Says:

    [Spoilers for Meditations on the Abyss and Darkness Ascending]

    Look at those titles: Meditations on the Abyss and Darkness Ascending. Do you think JMS might be trying to suggest that something bad might be about to happen?

    Although I can remember the overall story of this part of S5 well enough, I find it curiously hard to attach plot details to individual episodes. In some ways, I find these two episodes mostly of interest for Richard Ynigues’ performance as Captain Montoya. It’s worth noting that even in 2016 Star Trek has never yet had a single Latino member of the bridge crew, let alone in command of a starship. Montoya is not a character to whom JMS has given many dimensions – he’s basically the perfect commanding officer and… err that’s it. But Ynigues does a good job of making him seem fleshed-out and convincing.

    As for the rest, the story of the gradual uncovering of the mystery surrounding the raids is good stuff. Other elements, such as Garibaldi’s alcoholism: not so good.

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